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23oz Chem Pour Coffee Pot With Drip Filter Cup

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Pour over brewing is one of those methods that has stood the test of time for both its simplicity and great flavor extraction. 

Our chem pour coffee pot with wood and glass drip filter cup is exactly what any coffee aficionado needs.

This slow drip coffee maker is simple to use. The temperature resistant carafe is made from borosilicate glass making it strong enough to withstand the extreme temperature changes involved in brewing.

For those who seek a professional grade coffee maker that will make a delicious cup of coffee and look great in any kitchen, Look No Further.

Available in 16oz and 23oz  sizes

Material: Borosilicate Glass / Wood
Capacity: 16oz, 23oz
Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Estimated Delivery: Allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery.